July Demo

by Halftime Parade

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released July 31, 2015

Ben Bailey: Bass guitar, singing bowl and backing vocals
Ashley Jones: Lead guitar and backing vocals
Orlando Goodall: Vocals, acoustic guitar and percussion

July Demo recorded live, by Ashley on evening of 28/07/15, at Ben’s house.

Songs written by Orlando.



all rights reserved


Halftime Parade England, UK


D.I.Y. Since 2003

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Track Name: Empty House
You said there were a million ways to get out of here
So get out of here
Cos I’ve been following you down the wrong tracks
Through the cracks
Around the back

Around the back of your neck
Where your long dark hair flows
Around the back of your neck
Where his fingers close

Now people are starting to talk
Words are creeping out from the shadows
People are starting to talk
Whispers dangle from branches

There’s a picture hanging above
A bed in an empty house

Where we once said those words
That didn’t bring us any luck
After all
Track Name: Eye for an Eye
Tonight the ships are resting in the bay
Telling us bad weather’s on the way
Blinking lights where the sea meets the sky
As far as the eye can see

And if the life guard worked nights
She would rescue me

You never did have an eye
For seeing where things lie
And you never did see me

We flow with the estuary down to the sea
It goes in through the mouth
No, out actually
Once propelled in forward motion
Deep into the Atlantic Ocean

There are more grains of sand
In my beer
Than 2ps in the machines on the pier
An ice cream drips and fifty seagulls appear
And there are more grains of sand now in my beer

But we’re no safer now than we were before

You never did have an eye
For letting things lie
And you never did let me
Track Name: Downtown Heart
Some things are better left unsaid
93% of what’s in your head

Some things are better left unsaid
And some people are better left undead

But not you, not me...
Cos I’m a Friday night vampire and a Saturday zombie
Not you, or me...
From the belly to the cemetery

My downtown heart just keeps falling apart
Keeps falling apart downtown