The Getting Up

by Orlando Goodall

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released June 22, 2015

Recorded live, no overdubs, at home in Teignmouth, by Ashley Jones, on afternoon of 15/06/15.

Front cover photo taken by Tom Fallon.

Songs written by Orlando Goodall in June 2015.

Acoustic guitar and vocals: Orlando.



all rights reserved


Halftime Parade England, UK


D.I.Y. Since 2003

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Track Name: Pick and Choose
Didn't wave him off
never sent a parting gift
wouldn't speak at the funeral

I let years pass
without saying a thing

Sometimes it feels like it was the wrong thing
to do with you
cos you just pick and choose

The moon crashed into the whiskey water
so we cracked open the moon
the moon dropped into the whiskey water
so we demolished the moon
Track Name: White Noise
I'll be extinct when you get home
so take your time

we were in a rush once
didn't suit my state of mind
now I take my time

It's hardly worth getting up these days
yeah it's hardly worth the getting up
hasn't always been that way

I detune myself
white noise
pick a grave
Track Name: Further Away
Every morning of every day
the hours drag
us down and further away
in the shadows of the trees planted in rows
I study your behaviour and realise how little about you I know

Every missed opportunity
I dwell on
feels like a knife through my chest

In the back of a black Cadillac
out of place and too far gone to turn back
those hours that dragged
have been flattened and stretched out like dough
I thought a door was supposed to open for every one that closed?

I want to soar like a bird of prey
and not just lie here
and drift further away
from you
Track Name: The Corn in the Field by the Road to the Ocean
Hold my shaking hands you'd say
we've got a lot more ground to cover
in just a few days
cos the sun won't be up for many more hours
and I know you've always got the strength to carry on
but I was never the man to give you power

No I was never the man
I never was

Reflecting on these points we just dwell
from the Hudson Bay to the Bay of Biscay
from Bristol Parkway to Tripoli in May

I tried to make my love for you
fly like a crow
but it sank
like a stone

That flattened the corn in the field by the road to the ocean