Ancient Rock Formations

by Halftime Parade

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released October 27, 2016

Ancient Rock Formations

Written, played, recorded, mixed and cover photo,

By Halftime Parade

Orlando Goodall, Ashley Jones, Ben Bailey

Album recorded live, by Ashley, during two shirt-off summer 2016 afternoons, @ HtP HQ

Piano on Rear-view Mirror by Patrick Taylor

Songs written by Orlando




all rights reserved


Halftime Parade England, UK


D.I.Y. Since 2003

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Track Name: Up to Here
We soar like seagulls
Through the thick morning mist
Of the sunrise over the pier
Your head is in the clouds
But I’m pretty sure that

You’ve never had it up to here

The time has come now
For you to leave
Cos you’ve gone too far with the flow
You’re not a leader
And there’s no one left to follow

You’ve never had it up to here

Up to here

I wasn’t hoping for an easy way out
I wasn’t hoping for anything anyway

Sometimes things have a way of sneaking up behind you
Sometimes things can take you by complete surprise
Track Name: The Fall
I’m not waiting

For the clocks to turn
Always anticipating


For the clocks to turn
Slow decision making


Was convenient at the time
Of the fall
Track Name: San Franscisco
Late home but the weather is fine
Kettle on and the radio humming
The flat upstairs left a note at the door
Maybe read it in the morning

The floorboards creak
And the light bulb flickers
Beer or whiskey or that Portuguese liquor?
Phone off and headphones on
The sweet mist of California fills your lungs

I’m not coming back from San Francisco
Until you change your mind

Check over your shoulder
In the bar down on the Bay
Track Name: Coast Road Liquor Shop (pt2)
The car comes to a stop
Screech of brakes outside the liquor shop
You get out I don’t
Down your throat
A cloud of smoke
I suppose

We better get going
If you want to keep this between us

Everything seems fine
From your perspective
In space and time
Well appearances can be deceiving
But they ain’t got nothing on us this evening

And I mark big cities off the map with strong cigarettes

We better get going
Track Name: Not Your Problem
We’ve been here so long
Cobwebs have been spun between us
And The moon, the stars and the sun
Have grown bored of us and everyone

And I can’t blame them

Cos you carry on
Without a glance over your shoulder
And you carry on
As if the world revolves around you
You carry on
And on…
You carry on
With no idea what you’ve done

I guess it’s not your problem

In a beer tent on a summers day
In a small town in the south of England
You rub me up the wrong way
Like a genie in a bottle of Bavarian beer
The only thing left that I hold dear

Cos you carry on
Without a glance over your shoulder
And you carry on
As if the world revolves around you
You carry on
And on…
You carry on
With no idea what you’ve done

I guess it’s not your problem
Track Name: Rear-view Mirror
The heat’s rising off
The tarmac up ahead
And the longest roads
Always give the most perspective

The washing hanging on the line
Is blowing in the wind
But the answer my friend
Is nowhere to be seen

In the rear-view mirror
Something entirely different instead
In the rear-view mirror
Always someone who know what’s been said
And they let it go to their head

The blue skies convinced us
To hit the road and never look back
The sound of a rusty trampoline
A stick stuck in a lawnmower cracks

The sand in my eye
Has fallen down to my knee
And the roses have died
Planted in the shade of the palm tree

With backs against the wall
And bags under your eyes
You turned to leave the hall
I didn’t realise
Track Name: Whitechapel
You flicker on and off
Like the light above Whitechapel station
And you stamp out the end of me
Like the cigarette you’re endlessly making

I’ve only know this once before
I can recall no previous occasion
I’ve only this once before
I can think of no other

My thoughts arrive like the tube
Busy and packed but they stop for you
In their tracks

You pulled yourself out
From underneath
A place you no longer want to be

And all you saw when you looked upon me
Was the peeling bark of the dead tree
That we sat under and read your book about ghosts
Track Name: Bourgeoisie Guillotine
I’ve been working 9-5
Still the man don’t look me in the eye
The sun beats on my back
The sweat runs me dry
And when I fall down
I say ‘I feel just fine’

That’s how we get by

I know, I know, I know what I’m worth
More than what you pay me for these hours
And I know, I know, I know what you deserve
A shallow grave that I dug myself

Well you’re a corpse stuck on repeat
Bourgeoisie guillotine
You always take what you never need
Faded figurines upon a shelf of greed

That’s how you get by
Track Name: Scatter
There are dark clouds above us
As we lay on the beach
There’s one for you
And there’s always one over me
You said ‘we won’t return here again will we?’
Until they scatter our ashes in the estuary
From the yellow helicopter

Scatter me scatter me scatter me

I don’t want to be remembered here this way
I just wanna be a long summer’s day
Track Name: Summer
We walked down to the road
Where nobody was found
The lights were still on
In the top floor flat behind the playground
It didn’t rain like they said it would

It's summer somewhere
But never here

In every reflection
Through every window
Saw your face
Track Name: Disappearing Act
Don’t wait for me
Just give me a wink and nudge as you leave
I’m perfectly able to see that things aren’t gonna be easy
I’m perfectly able to see the disappearing act around me

The water washes me
The water washes me away
To a better place

I’ve traveled far and wide
To see what truths distance hides
My patience has been tried
And sentenced to the slowest death

And here I rest