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by Halftime Parade

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released July 25, 2016

Recorded live, at home, on 2/7/16

Songs, music, recording and image, by Halftime Parade

Not Your Problem, taken from forthcoming new album



all rights reserved


Halftime Parade England, UK


D.I.Y. Since 2003

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Track Name: Not Your Problem
We've been here so long
cobwebs have been spun between us
and the moon, the stars and the sun
have grown bored of us
of us and everyone
and I can't blame them

cos you carry on
without a glance over your shoulder

and you carry on
as if the world revolves around you

you just carry on
and on and on and on

you carry on
with no idea what you've done

I guess it's not your problem

In a beer tent on a summer's day
in a small town in the south of England
you rub me up the wrong way
like a genie in a bottle
of Bavarian beer
the only thing...
left that I hold dear
Track Name: The Olden Days
The Buffalo look so peaceful
as the wagon rolls by
you threw your boots on the table
the tobacco tasted dry

Well I would rather not
know your name
and I would prefer not to
remember your face

These are the olden days
I get by with the past in my eye
these are the olden days
the moonlight drapes the canvas
these are the olden days
the fork in the river runs wild
these are the olden days

And a gunshot
doesn't even startle us

I'm on the fast train from Kingston to Vauxhall
to see with my own two eyes
cos you can't tell a man
he is nothing without something
and expect him hot to fight to survive
I walk with a hunch back hood up
Brixton sure seems quiet tonight
we step on broken glass and good intentions
I nod twice and you smile

These are the olden days