January Demo

by Halftime Parade

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January Demo recorded live, into one microphone, at practice on afternoon of 09/01/16.

Tracks 1, 2, 3 & 6 are new songs.
Tracks 4, 5 & 7 are new recordings of previously released tracks.

Orlando: Guitar, vocals
Ashley: Guitar, backing vocals
Ben: Bass, backing vocals
Steve: Drums


released January 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Halftime Parade England, UK


D.I.Y. Since 2003

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Track Name: California
It was a cold day in California
When's it ever cold in California?
I kept my shirt on at work
When did I ever go to work?
I would never keep my shirt on at work

I wish I had met you
Before I got cold

Before I got savvy to the shit a man's gotta know
To survive where the streets are paved with gold
Privy to the tricks that a man's got to know
To stay alive until he is old
Not to die before he gets old

Was there ever really gold in California?

I saw you hold your tongue today
Since when did your tongue ever get in the way
You said the best things in life are free
So I called you but you were busy
Hey man that's such a bullshit theory

I got caught up in the rush
But I did not come for gold
I would settle for coal

I would settle for not feeling cold
I would settle for not feeling

Was there ever really gold in California?
Well I just wanted to stay warm for you
Track Name: The Real You
Soon enough you will do
Exactly what they've been telling you to
That day will be the death of you

You'll comb your hair and press your shirts
Structures make us indistinguishable
Season passes and fold up bikes
Uniform tension at red traffic lights

Well avoid these things at all costs
I won't be coming into work today boss
'Industrial reserve army, fuck off'

That day will be the death of you
The death of the real you
Track Name: Rear view Mirror
The heat's rising off the tarmac up ahead
The longest roads always give the most perspective
The washing hanging on the line is blowing in the wind
But the answer my friend is no where to be seen

In the rear view mirror
Something entirely different instead
In the rear view mirror
Always some one who knows what's been said
And they let it go to their head

The blue skies convinced us to hit the road
And never look back
The sound of a rusty trampoline
And a stick stuck in a lawnmower cracks
The sand in my eye has fallen down to my knees
And the roses have died
Planted in the shade of the palm trees

With backs against the wall
And bags under your eyes
You turned to leave the hall
I didn't realise
Track Name: The Noose
On an uncomfortable chair I wait for you
The night and the day come together
More frequently than you and me

The love that I had for
Still hangs around
Like the end of a noose
Dragging along the ground
See you around

Under front doors you hear television’s
Dinner cooking or the most beautiful singing
Under our door you would hear guitars or arguing

You said hey I know you from somewhere
Yeah well I knew you from everywhere
The clubs and the pubs and the kitchens up above
On the fires ecape and in my dreams

The love that I had for
Still hangs around
Like the end of a noose dragging along the ground
So tie me up and let me down
My love for you still hangs around

See you around
Track Name: Revolve
There's a cold wind blowing
And there is no direction bad news won't flow in
A cold red hand in the soft white sand
We circle around the subject
Like a fountain flowing

Stop singing songs about yourself
Stop singing songs it won't help
Not this time

You returned home
From a war that could never be won
The IMF slick-back Tory corporate mother fuckers
Are the victors if there ever was one
So you walked down to the pub
But they boarded up the doors
Watch the zombies march toward the neon signs
You're a small man standing tall
Track Name: Scatter
There are dark clouds above us
As we lay on the beach
There's one for you
And there's always one over me
You said we won't return here again will we?
Until they scatter our ashes in the estuary
From the yellow helicopter electricity

So scatter me...

I don't want to be remembered here this way
I just want to be a long summers day

And you said yeah good luck with that no way
Track Name: Red Top Floor Doors
Took the key out of the lock
And threw it in the moat
Didn’t see a face
Only kissed a throat
And the sky looked heavier
Than a mothers face at a father’s funeral
And the morning after was crisper
Than what came before our love

The train was busier than new year’s eve in Edinburgh
And the jokes got blacker than Hemingway’s lungs
Naughts and crosses on planes and buses
Lightning bolts during midnight rushes
The dealer don’t deal he schemes and steals
He knocks for more on red top floor doors
You took you tea, much stronger than your men

Found a way that goes clean in and out
So take me back to before we found out

Took the key out of the lock
And threw it in the moat
Didn’t watch it sink
Because I knew it couldn’t float