Saltwater Songs

by The City is Ours For the Taking

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released August 6, 2007

The City is Orlando and Ashley
EP recorded by Neil and mixed by Ashley, 2007
Photo by Tom Fallon
Songs by Orlando



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Halftime Parade England, UK


D.I.Y. Since 2003

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Track Name: No Suspects
No suspects survived the fire
and no report from news on the hour
when you speak for a force so strong
it's easy to string people along
some fish have gotta die in the pond
it just comes with the job

there's chaos in the streets
woken from a peaceful dream
with straightjackets on
everyone becomes a victim
and I hope someone remembers what it was like before

beasts with evil eyes and wicked grins
never parted the sea, just me and my friends
so when you're running a country
but only the big bad men get lucky
well you better tell the truth and tell it like it is

because the earth isn't round and it isn't flat
and now the old world's a kicking mule with a bug sucking blood off its back, and I just hope one day, it looks back

he died with his fingers wrapped around the bars
the skin of a human pealing off a god
every answer he had given
wasn't enough to be forgiven
innocent or guilty treated like dog

this ain't a movie or your round of golf
bodies in fresh dug graves instead of credits roll
so when you're throwing a party
but only the fat cats get the car keys
you better tell the truth and tell it like it is
without a hiss, it goes like this

'keep us at a distance but keep us alive, keep the left hand unaware of the right'